Supreet - My Neighbor

Hello everyone this is Ravi and I am 24 years old I wil tell you a real story wich happened a few months ago and here goes my real life exciting experience. It’s about my neighbor girl and she is 18 years old and not a full grown. She looks hot even at this age and her name is Supreet. She studies in 10th class now. She is really a blooming rose and her color is fair and height is 5.5 feet which is quite good.
She’s got sharp features wit beautiful eyes above all she s too slim boobs are not big niether the ass but still she drives me crazy whenever I used go out in street and she meets she gives a smile and says namaste bhayia. I used to respond the same. That’s all. We didn’t interact anymore than that but I really wished to have her some day but never thought it wil become reality some lucky day.
Now I wil tell you about my house map and we have not built a room at first floor. I mean it was left pending and that part of our house is open to our neighbour's 1st floor.It’s open there. They used to dry their clothes there especially their bra and panties. I often used to see their bra panties drying and steal Supreet's bra panty and bring it to my room and masturbate on it. 
I could easily make out which undergarments are Supreet's and which are her mom's one day I picked her panty, masturbated on it and filled it with my hot and voluminous semen after this my mind worked and I kept the panty at the same place from where I picked I stood behind the door and started waiting for her to come and see it and watch her response in the evening supreet came and started picking up dried
Then the turn came of the panty fucked by me. She touched it and felt wet and she thought it’s not dried yet and she went without picking it but after collecting all clothes she again returned to that panty and gave a keen look to it. My dick was feeling great with this. She took the wetnss between her fingers and smelled it. She got surprised and tensed when she smelled it.
I was feeling happy that she recognised the semen but then in tension she started rubbing it against the wall so that she can remove the stain maybe she was afraid of her mom after this I returned to my room. I was thinking that scene and masturbated twice that nite thinking of that panty touching the virgin pussy of Supreet but after masturbating I started thinking of her behavior.
Why was she behaving like this? How did she came to know that its semen? She’s just 18 and she came to know about it. I started suspecting something fishy must be going on. Supreet has her personal room at 1st floor. I started watching her every night after 12. I used to get up at 12 slowly climb the stairs and jump over the small wall and enter their area from the window I used to see supreet. 
She used to study most of the times when I saw one day I saw her and she started undressing herself without putting the curtains. She was totally unaware that someone cud look from her windows. I had to be careful form her only because there was no chance anyone could look at me peeping in her room because it was closed area from all sides. I could watch her tension free when she removed her top she wore a sporty bra.
I used to see drying under sun.Oh! I was wishing her to remove her bra and she did it aaaaahh I became so happy. She was having smaal tits dark brown nipples.Then she removed her jean and she was wearing red panty again I was wishing her to remove that also but she wore another loose t shirt without bra. I thought she will remove panty now but she didnt and wore a lower. Then she switched off the light and slept and I slowly returned back to my home.
I could not sleep that night I was thinking of her small breasts and wanted to smell her fresh pussy after this incidence I started peeping in her room everyday but never got any good results and she started changing clothes in her washroom so I was a bit disappointed after many weeks. I was looking into her room and to my surprise she was sitting with a guy of her age only.
They were talking somthing non veg which I could make from Supreet's face what a lovely face she has. She looked so beautiful laughing such a cute smile she has.I was flat on her. Then suddenly that guy slapped on her breasts and she got stunned.I also started  looking carefull as there could be some sex action but one thing was troubling me that I wanted to fuck her first and break her hymen maybe she had been fucked by him.
I was not sure since what time they were meeting lik this.Then that guy stood up and caught her from her neck and started smooch her. I was watching teen sex live in my life. It was a great exerience. I started jerking my dick there only. He sucked her pink lips for 2 mins then he told her to remove her top to which she resisted.They must be doing it for the 1st time that’s why she was shying so much.
I also wanted her to remove and show her brown nipples as I was dying to see them. Then a thought came to my mind why not disturb them? I was elder to both of them and I saw them what they were doing I knocked the door. My heart was pounding but I thought that I am senior to both of them and i have full right to tell them what is right and what is wrong.
I knocked the door twice and they both stood up from bed in tension and her face was white with fear and the guy hid below the bed. I was seeing everything from window. She opened the door and she asked o bhayia aap? I said kiss se baatein kar rahi thi? To boli bhayia kisi se nai. I bent below and told that guy to come out. He was sweating very badly. I told them I am going down to wake her parents and take care of you.
She started crying and that guy was saying-please bhayia hume maaf kar do.Hum aage se nai karenge please mujhe jaane do.Bahut maar padegi. Supreet started requesting me that I should not tell her parents. I told them I will not tell anything to their parents on the cost of revealing their complete relation. Then they told me that it was the 2nd time that guy came to her home.
He showed me the way also how he used to enter the 1st floor room. They told that she is still virgin and they hve done nothing apart from few smooches. I was happy to hear because I had chance to make loosing her virginity to me. I told that guy to run from there otherwise I will beat him and complain to his paents. He left the place as fast as he could and then it was Supreet and me alone in her room.
I told her that i will tell her parents tomorow morning about the whole incidence. I had a plan to blackmail her. She started crying again and told me, bhayia mai behak gayi thi please aap samjhane ki koshish kariye.mai aage se aisa kuch bhi nai karungi. I said I have to tell it to your parents otherwise you will become a bad girl at this she fell at my feet and started requesting sincerely but I was not agreeing. 
I wanted her to offer me a fucking session with her and same thing happened when I didnt agree she said bhayia aap jo chahe mere sath kar sakte hai par mere ghar pe mat batana. I said ok I will meet you tomorrow at 12 night here.Then we will see to the matter. She said no come early at 10 so that we have enough time till morning because her parents get up early at 5. 
I agreed and left I was so excited with all this at last 10 pm came and I went there. She was wearing yellow top and red lower. I said now what we shud do and she said I’m all yours bhayia. Do what you want and I came closer to her gave a hot smooch. I said u r expert in smooching and she said bus aise hi bhaiya movies mei dekha hai ek do baar karte hue.
I asked her do you like sex then she said yes she likes it lot but doesnt know how to do it. Then I told her I will tell you about her body parts. I told her to remove her clothes to which she responded very soon. She was so eager to learn and she removed her yellow top and there were 2 sweet boobies behind the white bra. I removed the hooks of her bra from behind and in front of me was pear shaped in progress boobs. I loved them. I touched them and I told her what is nipple and areola.
She thanked me for expaling her that. I told her to remove her lower and panty. She removed them in a single push. She was having small and fine pubic hairs. I explained her the parts by this time my dick was erect. She saw and asked me bhaiya aapka khada ho gaya hai na? I noded my head in yes and she said maine kabhi lund nai dekha aap apna dikha do I was eager to show I got up and remover my jean and underware.
She got surprised and I took her hand in my hand andshowed her how to stroke the dick. She started stroking my shaft and what a feeling it was amzing. I was feeling high and I told her to lie down and I will make you high now. She lied on bed and I went close to her mouth and sucked her lips and she also responded fairly to me and we both were sucking each other s tongue.
It seems great sucking 18 year sold girl s tongue then I came down and put her left nipple in mouth and she drifted back. I said kya hua and she said kuch kuch hota hai. I siad this is what u have to take pleasure of and I’ve got near her and again sucked her left nipple.she was lookin at me how i suck her nipple after few seconds she stareted enjoying it and smoothing her hand all over her body other hand was behind my head.she was moving both her hands slowly.
I shifled to right nipple after sucking them I again smooched. We both were hugging each other tightly and smooch my arms were covering her body twice my dick was at her navel and wetting it and then I told her to spread her legs and she said bhayia abhi bas baaki kal karenge but I was dying to eat her wet pussy. I said no to her and told her to follow me and her spreaded her legs.
I separated her pussy lips and searched for the clitoris. I started rubbing it man she started moaning like anything as if I had touched her most sensational part after few seconds of rubbing she removed my hand. I held both of her hands with my one hand and rubbed her clitoris with other hand aahhh bhayia mat karo please mm aaaa aah then she closed her legs. I open them with my legs and I started rubbing vigorously she started moaning loudly aaahhhh bhayia bas karo dard ho rahi hai ab mmmmm aaaaaah bhayia bus bus bahiya saha nai jata oooooo. 
I shot her mouth by smoochng her and she was eating my lips I was still rubbing her clitz then I told her to get up and spit her saliva on her wet pussy. She spiited a lot of saliva and I started licking her wet pussy. It was really amazing taste and she was pulling my hair out of pleasure. I slipped my tongue into her pussy and I could feel the tightness of her pussy with my tongue and I told her yar teri to badi tight hai. She said bhaiya aap hi jaldi kar rahe ho chodne ki and I again started sucking her wet vagina without any notice I started putting my little finger in her vagina.
She responded with fear ye kya kar rahe ho and I said ungli daal raha hu mat daalo na dard hoti hai bahut. I said you have to suffer it some day and put my whole little finger in her vagina and she screamed but it could not reach her parents and she was requesting me please bhaiya ab bas itna bahut hai baaki baad me karenge but I was not liking to leave her virgin. 
I said just keep quite and then I told her that I wil put my dick into your pussy now. She said nai bhaiya ab nai bahut dard hoti hai. I was not going to listen as my dream was to come true. I told her to take the pain killer now and she ate 2 tablets of pain killer and lied down after rubbing her vagina and making it fully lubricated I started pushing my long thick dick in that small love hole and she kept a cloth in her mouth so that she can scream. 
I was unable to penetrate I spread her legs fully and tried again but again unsuccessful and then I thought I have to be more rough with on hand I started rubbing clitoris and with other I guided my dick inside her ever tight pussy this time I pushed it harder and more harder and she started crying but I was at my peak pushing pressure tears started flowing from her eyes. 
I did not stop and she was moving her head side to side with cloth in her mouth and with a full blown push and pulling her towards me from her thighs I slipped my whole 7 inches dick within that smaall unseen untouched cave my dick was feeling intense pressure on it and she started pounding her head up and down and telling me to remove it.nut i yet to start stroking.
I saw at her pussy my goodness there was a lot of blood on it. I could not feel at my dick. I got worried and removed my dick soon and she showed a sigh of relief immediately I took a cloth from her mouth and kept on her pussy bleeding stopped. She was still crying and saying me bhaiya dard nai ho raha ab that was because of the pain killer and I said daalu kya fir se?
She agreed I again put my dick and this time it went with less difficulty. I asked her does she like it then she noded her head as yes with eyes closed. I started giving strokes and after few strokes she staretd screaming mmmm hhhh bhaiya bas karo bas karo sounds were comong from the action chap chap aaaah maja aa raha hai zor se karo ab aahh mm ho gaya ho gaya.
Mera to jhad gaya she said and I felt her vaginal muscles contracted and she got an orgasm and her first ever orgasm. I was also about to cum I removed my dick and placed in her mouth and cummed in her mouth and she immediately got up and went to washroom where she vomited and then she brushed and she came out after 20 minutes and I rested meantime and when she came.
I told her to suck my dick now and she started slowly but I laid her at the side of bed with her head hanging down and put my dick inside her mouth. I slowly slowly inserted whole dick in her mouth and held her hands so that she can’t resist. I gave many strokes in her mouth and loaded her mouth with my warm sweet cum.
This time she jus swallowed as I didn’t allow her to open her mouth and that was such a wonderful session and now I fuck her evrynight and we enjoy a lot and she uses dildo carrots and other things also and her breasts are growing fairly well and pussy is destroyed everynight by me. If you like my story do comment at my email
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