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Friend’s sexy wife – ultimate seduction(PART 6)

She looked heavenly, all wet coming out of that tub. The water reached up to her mid thighs. Standing there I looked into her eyes with raw hunger in my eyes and brought her closer till her boobs were crushed on my chest and my dick was caressing her belly. 

She put her arms around my neck. I kissed her again, ……… hands now roaming on her asscheeks, …..caressing …….groping …….. feeling her supple flesh. Then I led her gently to the edge of tub and made her sit on the broad rim. She sat there uncertain what was coming next. 

I then took the bottle of champagne gave it a long shake, peeled off the golden foil and opened the cork in one go.

“Pop!” the cork went flying hitting the wall and the bubbly started flowing. I turned the bottle mouth towards Pooja and sprayed her with the most exquisite champagne. 

She closed her eyes and put her arm out to try prevent me from soaking her. But I kept on shaking the bottle and spraying the bubbly liquid on her .

“Aryan’, please …… please don’t.” she begged me

“Hey! The champagne has just got lucky touching your glorious body darling” I said. 

The golden liquid with froth flowing down her body made her look like an innocent , gorgeous mermaid……..just out of water.

I then went to work. I started licking her body from top to bottom, licking at that cool skin of hers which was now laced in champagne. “Ah! What a divine feel”. 

Her skin had developed goose bumps, partially out of being soaked with the chilled champagne and partially at my licking it off….. I slowly reached her boobs and licked her nipples. The champagne had never tasted so good. 

The nipples turned hard again as I licked and sucked at them. . .…..I gave her the bottle

“Take a sip” I said.

Shyly she put it to her lips and took a sip. She closed her eyes as if enjoying the feeling. As I reached her belly button, I asked her 

“Pour more champagne on yourself baby” I wanted to enjoy the two intoxicants simultaneously…… her body and … the vintage. 

Reluctantly she poured some champagne between the valley of her boobs and slowly as it tickled down to her bellybutton I sipped it on her flesh. “Ah ! what heaven.” 

Then I moved down to her bare pussy lips and again started licking and sucking more. Meanwhile Pooja had also started to move her hips as she sipped some more of the bubbly. I took the bottle from her, took a sip of champagne, put an ice cube in my mouth and went down on her, sucking her beautiful clit. 

As the champagne and ice touched her sensitive clit, she had an earth shattering orgasm.

“Aaaaaa…..hhhhhh! ………Aaaaaaaa……hhhh! Aryan I’m….. cooo……ming Mmmmm…..mmm . she moaned in pleasure. 

She bucked her hips and I continued to suck her clit. At last her orgasm subsided and she lay there panting. I then stood before her, my 9 inch friend was ready for some action. She had one look at it and decided to treat it. 

She took my cock in her fingers and started sucking it lovingly and gently. She was much improved since last night and was a good learner. She tried to take most of it in her mouth without gagging and after a few tries could get about three fourths of it in. she licked….sucked…..kissed and even put some champagne on it before taking it in her mouth. She continued to suck my cock for sometime till I almost died of pleasure and was ready to come.

I picked her up and asked her to lean against the tub. She got up and turning away from me, put both her hands on the edge of Jacuzzi, her arms stretched. Her ass was in the air and lovely pussy lips were enticing and inviting me. 

I caught hold of her hips and put my monster on her pussy hole and entered her without any difficulty. “aaaaahhhh!” she whimpered. She was so well lubricated and wet that she also did not feel any pain. 

I started fucking her doggy style, increasing the tempo of my strokes and she again started moaning

“Faster….. faster Ah…..ah……ah…. Aryan…. Faster. Take me….take me please……..”

I increased my strokes inside her…… pounding her …...teasing her….. and soon we both neared our climax.

“Ooommmh…….Aaahh, I’m coming ..princess, ….. I ‘m coming….aaaaaahhhhh” I cried and came with full force inside her. 

My cum filling her juicy pussy to the full. She also shuddered as had another thundering orgasm.

“aaaaaa….hhhhhhh Aryan I’m yours” she moaned in pleasure. 

For eternity we lay there enjoying the feel of being one. Then slowly I took out my cock from her pussy and turned her towards me. She looked intoxicated and came immediately in my arms. 

I kissed her on the lips and made her sit down in the tub in the water and lay down besides her. The jets of water were tingling every part of our naked bodies as we explored each other once again …….kissing,……..licking,………sucking……..biting till we both were spent. 

Then I washed her body slowly, soaping and cleaning every part ……. her back…..her ass………….her thighs ……. legs……….her feet……...her boobs and…….of course her lovely little pussy.

She in turn reciprocated by cleaning me, washing and soaping my back, ass and legs. 

She then cleaned my flaccid dick carefully, soaping it and washing it lovingly. It in turn responded to such pampering, and started stiffening up..

“You are a naughty boy” she said playfully to my dick. “Don’t you ever get tired?”

“It’s going to have lots of rest once you are gone, so let it exercise a little lest it becomes rusty of disuse”

“I won’t let it get rusty……..ever” she said mischievously and kissing it softly. 

I gave her a quizzical look,.. She blushed and I left it at that…..

After the bath we had a lengthy shower together and then I took out my king sized fluffy towels from the cabinet and carefully dried her up and myself. 

“What will I wear now?” she asked

I took out a bath robe from the cabinet and gave it to her.

“This will do for now until we think of some thing else” I said. 

She immediately put it on and tied it tightly; glad to be wearing something again in front of this hungry, horny neighbor little realizing that she looked sexier now. I also put on a fresh pair of boxers and a t-shirt.

“I’m Famished……” she declared. “Will you not offer me any thing to eat?”

“Sure I will darling or Yash would think that I starved his sexy little wife” I remarked. 

We both laughed and went out to the kitchen……….

We both went to the kitchen. It was 12:45 PM . No doubt she was famished. I looked around, deciding what to make. Meanwhile Pooja lifted herself on to one of the empty slabs in kitchen, found a banana and started eating one.

“What will my princess like to have for lunch?” I asked

“Any thing that can be made fast, otherwise I’m going to eat you” she replied biting another piece off that banana.

I bowed my head. “I’m at your service your highness; please eat whatever part of me you find delicious. Though the way you are eating that banana, I can guess which part of me you would like.” I said mischievously.

“You naughty rascal!” she shouted, smiling and threw the banana skin at me.
I caught it expertly and threw it in the waste bin.

“ Ok ! I can make Pasta with vegetables and of course I have the wine to go with it.” I said

“Till when will your stock last? The way you are wasting your most expensive wines, I doubt they will last long” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Wasting!” I exclaimed. “I couldn’t have used them more sensibly even if I wanted to. And don’t worry about the stock. 

Even if you give me company every day and we drink twice the amount we have drunk till now, it would take another six months for the stocks to deplete. ”

She laughed with that inimitable tinkle.

I meanwhile went about the kitchen, cutting vegetables, putting water on the cooking range and making Pasta. We talked, laughed and cracked few jokes until conversation shifted to Yash’s return. 

She was looking at the floor, her feet hanging in the air, making nervous movements. She did not realize that the bath robe had fallen open at her thigh and her creamy little thigh was again exposed for my pleasure.

“How will I face Yash after all this?” She asked softly still looking at the floor.

I quickly went to her side, lifted her chin gently and looked in her big innocent eyes.

“Don’t ever be guilty, especially when your heart was into it. Enjoy it like a beautiful dream till it lasts and then forget completely about it. We may have done something in the heat of moment, but don’t ever feel violated. 

Trust me it was such a pure thing and such a beautiful setting that even the God himself could not have written the script any better.” With that I kissed her on her lips and hugged her tightly. She seemed to forget her worries and hugged me back.

“I shall never forget these moments spent with you Aryan. You surely know how to treat a lady” she said. 

We were brought out of this spell by the sound of water boiling. We both laughed and I quickly went about trying to save the Pasta from burning.

I lay down the table while she busied herself with binging wine glasses.

“That’s like a good girl. Now do some thing better and go to the bar and bring a wine of your choice.” I said.

“B….but I don’t know anything about the wines” she pleaded.

“Anything you choose will be fine by me.” I replied assuring her.

I saw her walking tentatively towards the bar, her ass swaying seductively from side to side. She reached the bar and opened it. She seemed astonished at the variety of liquor in that bar,.. all imported. 

She spent some time looking at the wine cabinet and picked up the Gevrey Chambertin 2000, the famous French red grape wine. It was one of my favorites.

“You have an excellent taste sweetheart” I complimented.

“I don’t know one from the other, but I found the bottle attractive” she said smiling innocently.

I opened the bottle with wine opener and poured it in both the glasses. I raised the toast and said “To this lovely dream, with my beautiful and sexy neighbor. Cheers!”

She blushed, smiled and raised her glass “To the most exquisite lover of my life” She said “cheers” 

We both had a sip and then I started serving the pasta in one plate. I had kept only one plate on the table.

“Where’s your plate?” she asked surprised. 

“Can’t I eat from yours?” I asked as if hurt.

“Of course you can darling” she said trying to appease me.

“Then let me treat you” I said.

“OK! Luv , treat me.” She said laughing.

“Come and sit on my lap” I said sitting on the chair.

“What? Are you serious?” she asked surprised.

“I’ve never been more serious” I said making a poker face. 

I then extended my hand, she took it, lowered her eyes and I gently pulled her closer till she was standing in front of me, the knot of her robe teasingly close to my face. 

But I resisted the temptation, gently turned her and pulled her on my lap. She was blushing deeply. I took a fork and picked up some pasta and brought it near her lips. She opened her mouth and took it in. 

I then picked her wine glass and asked her to take a sip. She seemed angelic, sitting on my lap, sipping the wine eating gracefully out of my hand …….so innocent……so sexy. 

“Hey! I am hungry too” I said, after she had finished more than half of the plate. 

“Oh! Soooooo..Sorry darling” She said lovingly. She picked up the fork and brought the pasta near my mouth. I took a bite and we both laughed. She looked at me with adoring eyes and I could see love and passion in them. 

Slowly she brought her lips close to mine and kissed me, gently at first and then more passionately.

“Oh! I love you Aryan….. I love you so much.” she whispered. This was the first time in more than 16 hrs when she had taken the first step. 

We continued to kiss more deeply and my cock responded by getting hard again. I could feel the heat radiating from her crotch through the robe. 

This time around I waited and did not do much as I wanted to see how far she would go, without my taking any proactive role…….

She continued kissing me softly at first and then more and more passionately till we forgot every thing about ourselves……the food…….…..the wine……..and of course……the time.

She kissed me on my lips ,exploring the inside of my mouth with her delicate tongue, then went on to kiss my earlobes……….biting…….licking…….sucking, going further down to my neck and again kissing and biting……all the time sitting in my lap with arms around my neck.. 

“I truly love you Aryan …I know I do.” She whispered in my ear. She was in total heat. 

“Oh! What would I give to be with you……….. always”

“Shhhh…..Don’t think too far ahead luv. Just live for today……….the present……now….” I said softly, putting my finger on her lips. 

She again brought her lips on mine and sucked deeply. I responded and we remained like that, ……doing nothing but holding each other tight and kissing………just kissing……. forgetting completely that outside our cocoon, another world existed where we would be spending the rest of our lives. 

We might not even get a chance to touch each other in future so the only thing that mattered was today,…… the present………..NOW. We just couldn’t get a fill of each other and we remained there for infinity, till my aching cock was ready to burn a hole in my boxers. 

I then moved my hands down from her back to her hips only to find that her robe had parted completely at the waist. I put my hand gently on her creamy soft thighs and caressed them slowly with my fingers. Her soft skin exiting me and I moved up and up till her lovely pussy was at my mercy. 

I gently touched her slit……… she gasped. 

“You should be familiar with my touch by now darling” I whispered.

“Oh! Aryan, you caress so gently and slowly that each time it feels…… so new” she said blushing. 

She herself responded by stroking and massaging my dick through my boxers.

“Let me take care of my friend” she said mischievously and got off my lap on to the floor. She was bending in front of me standing on her knees and started to pull down my boxers.

I lifted my self slightly so that she could take them completely off me. As I sat back my monster was proudly standing up and pointing skyward. 

Smiling naughtily, she took “her friend” between her delicate smooth fingers and started stroking it up and down……massaging and ..caressing it gently. Then without warning she brought her lips down on it and took half of it in her mouth. 

She sucked at it and started bobbing her head gently up and down over it, I nearly died of ecstasy .I threw my head back and started enjoying the sensations starting deep down inside me and exploding in my brain. 

She stroked it lovingly on the head……….. caressing it…….teasing it………..licking it……. and ultimately sucking it like a Popsicle, enjoying every moment of it. How she had gone from a young amateur innocent girl who was just finding her feet in sex, to an expert dick-sucker….. I could not imagine. 

“Do you like it?” she asked smiling…with a twinkle in her eyes, as if reading my mind.

“I’m loving it baby……. Can’t you see how it is responding? It surely has taken to your tender care…….” I laughed.

She looked at my fully erect, engorged member,…..smiled and again went on about her job , this time doing it faster. She really wanted to make it happy. 

I put my hands in her hair, pushed her head towards my dick and cajoled her to take more of it. she responded by taking almost whole of the monster…… and I was ready to cum. She started moving her head faster and faster…….moving up and down….. till I could no longer control myself.

“Aaaaa…..hh I ‘m coming darling, …. I’m coming, …………move” I wanted to push her away , as I did not want to cum in her mouth. But she kept on sucking harder and harder, till I exploded and came in her lovely mouth. 

She kept on swallowing till the last drop was drained.

“I…it was heaven princess………just too beautiful. Why did you do…… I mean you could’ve taken your mouth away.” I said looking in her deep innocent eyes.

“Why? I was not about to leave “my friend” in distress, besides I also wanted to taste something other than wine.” She replied smiling naughtily.

“I bet, you’ve never done it before” I remarked

“Remember, everything has to happen first time” she said laughing, mimicking my style.

I laughed, ruffling her hair and kissed her wet lips. 

She got up, kissed me on the cheek “Wait here, I will be back in a minute” she said and excused herself to the wash room, leaving me to sober up a little and reflect on this incredible day…….

By the time she was in washroom, I got up, put on my boxers and started clearing the dishes. I looked at the half empty wine glasses, “perhaps some other time….”I thought.

After tidying up I sat down on the sofa and waited for her to return. It was only for few minutes that she was out of my sight but already I was missing her………. I did not want to waste even a single moment while she was with me……..

Suddenly I heard one of the doors open and out she came humming sweetly. She looked more fresh and cheerful and was still wearing that robe. As she walked, swaying slightly, towards me I could see her pretty thighs exposed through the gap in the flapping robe. I wanted to see further up but she had tied the belt more securely now.

“Aryan I need something else to wear. I can’t remain in this robe forever” she said, sitting by my side on the sofa.

“I also don’t want you in this robe.” I said smiling “It’s shielding all your beauty from me. Why don’t you take it off?”

“Aaa ha ha ha! Very smart. I will not be fooled this time” she said teasing me “I need my clothes. By the way where are the ones that I wore last night?”

“What were you wearing last night, honey? It was so dark that I didn’t see anything” I said teasing her back.

“I was wearing a nighty and……….” She stopped midway, blushing a little.

“And………?” I asked innocently.

“You very well know what I was wearing.” She said turning red. “You are the one who took them off.”

“But darling, it was so dark that I couldn’t see any thing” I said making a poker face… now enjoying myself thoroughly at the expense of this sexy girl. “Besides I was more concerned about you than your clothes.”

“But where are they?” she asked…now lowering her eyes.

“Please describe them to me, so that I know what I’m looking for” I said enjoying the game more and more.

“Don’t be silly Aryan, it was just a plain nighty and ……..” again she stopped.

“And what? Baby just describe” I chuckled with a twinkle in my eyes. I liked the way she was getting uncomfortable. 

“Here is a girl whom I have made love to about five times since last night and she is still shy about describing her intimate clothing to me” I thought. I wanted to break this resistance too.

“Ok! See I was wearing a yellow coloured nighty and…….a pair of lemon coloured….. pp….panties …..” she said at last……turning crimson.

I was getting hard again just listening to her. But I wanted to test her further…

“Was there anything peculiar or were they ordinary?” I asked 

“Aryan! Please stop teasing me. Just tell me where are my clothes?” she almost pleaded

“Please answer me princess. It will help me in finding your clothes quickly” I said smiling.

“The nighty was………in fine cotton and the p...panties were also of cotton with…….” She lowered her eyes.

“With a “Snoopy” printed on the front….” I said laughing.

“You naughty scoundrel, so you know how they look like” she said throwing a cushion at me. “Where are they, I want them back”

“Look sweetheart, they were all wet and dirty, so I put them with other dirty clothes for washing. I will give them back to you, after washing.” I lied.

“When?” she asked suddenly alarmed.

“As soon as they dry up.” I said.

“But then Yash will be back and……. He……..” she seemed distressed.

“Did Yash gift them to you?” I asked

She nodded.
“Both?” I asked, getting more and more exited.

“No! Only the nighty” she said with her head lowered.

“And the panties……?” I whispered

“I bought them myself.” She said slowly still looking at the floor.

“You have an exquisite taste darling.” I said lifting her chin. “So, it is decided that you keep the nighty and I will keep the panties”

“What!” she almost shouted. “B…ut ………but why?

“I need something as souvenir for the moments spent with you” I whispered, bringing my lips on her and giving her a long sensuous kiss. She closed her eyes and all her protests were dissolved in that one moment….

After another long and wet kiss I separated from her but remained very close to her, tracing my fingers on her delicate face and in her hair. She still looked dazed.

“But what will I wear darling? I can’t go to my flat in this robe…... what if somebody sees me?” she asked, looking scared and very vulnerable.

“Don’t worry honey.” I said in my most soothing voice. “When the time comes for you to go, I will go to your flat and bring something for you to wear. Just tell me where do you keep your clothes?”

She blushed again……….

I kissed her again and this time my fingers managed to loosen the belt of her robe.
“You do not need it ……..while you are with me” I whispered.

It parted slowly and my princess was again exposed completely for my pleasure……………

 went on kissing her deeper and…….deeper and my fingers were playing softly on her breathtaking body. I traced my way from her face to her slender neck and caressed her behind her ears. 

She started whimpering softly. Then I went downwards and parted the robe at the neck and put my hand inside………. feeling her soft boobs with my hands. They were like soft dough, waiting to be molded. My fingers traced circular patterns on her areola, careful ……….not touching her nipple,………..just around it. This made her moan a little more. 

I felt her heightening pleasure by the way her sensitive skin was responding to my touch. The skin around her nipple became so sensitive that I could feel the goose bumps on it. I then touched her nipple softly and caught it between my index finger and thumb and pressed gently.

“Mmmmmmmmm……….” She moaned.

I flicked it again. It had grown into a hard nub and was now pointing outwards. I slowly brought my lips down on her chin and licked it. She threw her head back and closed her eyes. 

I kissed her chin…….her neck ………I wanted to bite her on her slender neck, but I resisted as I didn’t want to leave any love bite, which could make Yash suspicious later. 

Instead I just nibbled softly at the soft skin of her neck and she started writhing in pleasure. Then slowly I parted the robe on her left side and brought my lips close to her hard nipple, gently put it in my mouth and sucked it slowly.

“aaaaaaa….hhhhh!” she cried. “lov…ely……… lovely…..darling”. She was ruffling my hair as if cajoling me to take her to another level.

I went on sucking at that nipple……….flicking it with my tongue………..biting it gently….. massaging her tits with my hands and sucking to my heart’s content. I could feel her pleasure increasing, like the way she was slowly grinding her hips.

I got up from the sofa and stood up. I then caught hold of her hand and indicated her to stand up. She stood up…….uncertain of my intentions ……looking in my eyes…….searching….

She looked gorgeous standing there with her robe completely open in the front and her lovely naked body peeking through. I came closer and gently removed the robe from her shoulders.

“You don’t need it any more” I whispered and she again closed her eyes…… if waiting for me to take her.

The robe fell gently on the carpeted floor and there she was standing in all her naked glory….looking so beautiful………so lovely……….so innocent…………so vulnerable. 

She looked like an exquisite crystal statue which could break even if held tightly. Her skin was milky white and without a blemish only a small mole could be seen on her pubic area just above her bare pussylips. 

I wanted to take her there and then…………to love her even more…………knowing that the time was my enemy and it was running out fast……….but IStanding there, I took her in my arms and she melted in them. I swept aside her hair which were falling on her face and started kissing her luscious lips again. This time my hands were roaming on her back. 

I kept my left hand on her hips just above that beautiful ass and with my right hand caressed the tender spots on her back. My hand went from the back of her neck to her spine and felt at her tender skin with my fingertips …………moving in circular pattern and exciting every nerve on her back so much so that she started humping into me trying to feel my cock with that lovely pussy of hers. 

My cock was aching to break free from my boxers. I had not got an erection so fast after an orgasm; any time in my life but with this lovely neighbor of mine I just could not remain soft for long……

My right hand now slowly reached her lower back and the anticipation of its final destination, made her moan. I reached her lovely ass-cheeks and cupped them……..feeling their extreme softness. They were round,…….. supple and…….. firm.

I caressed them ………and using both hands on her ass, I pulled her towards me so that she was crushed on me.

She was panting now and wanted more of me, so she pushed me a little and hooking her fingers around my boxers, slid them off. They fell silently on the floor and I stepped out of them. 

I then removed my t-shirt and we both were now standing stark naked in each others arms letting the heat build up inside our bodies loving each other and just immersing ourselves in the sea of pleasure.

My cock was touching her belly and her hot pussy was sliding on my balls sending waves of excitement in my body. I picked her up from the waist and lay her on the sofa. “Spread your legs honey” I said gently parting her legs. She obliged by slowly opening her legs. 

I gently held them and eased each one over the arm rests, so that she was sitting there open before me like a flower, her head resting on the back of sofa …eyes closed. I went straight towards her pussy which was already very wet and was enticing me. 

I looked at it closely………..those smooth lips……..tightly protecting her tender little opening and that mole above …as if keeping a watch. 

I kissed her on the mole and gently brought my lips down on her smooth slit and licked it from below upwards. I knew that the skin between the pussy and the anus is extremely sensitive, so I started from there and started licking it. 

Pooja was immediately aroused……….now moaning a bit loudly ……….humping her hips towards me………..pushing my head towards her pussy ………as if begging me to take her. I again licked her slit and tasted her heavenly juices. 

Then I opened her pussy lips with my finger and licked her engorged clit………which was by now very sensitive to touch. 

“aaaaa…..hhh! Aryan…… please darling take me now………….take me please…I can’t hold it much longer…….pl…..eeease .”she cried

I explored every corner of her sweet pussy with my tongue and then darted inside her tight vagina. “Aaaaaaaa…….hhhhhh ! aaaaaa….hhhhhhhh………” she cried out in ecstasy. 

I knew she was close to coming, so I put my cock at the opening of her vagina and entered her smoothly. She was still very tight and her muscles enveloped my cock in such a loving grip that with each stroke my sensitive cock head was stimulated more and more.

I put my hands under her ass and lifted her from the sofa and with that my cock buried deep inside her.

“Aaaaaahhh! Wh…at are u d..d…oing?” she said tightly putting her arms around my neck and clasping my back with her legs.

“Just enjoy my luv” I said in a soothing voice.

I was now standing erect with my cock buried inside Pooja’s pussy and my lips were in the valley between her firm boobs. I kissed her there, moved my lips and caught her nipple in my mouth and started sucking on it. 

Then I moved, with me still inside her, to the nearby wall, supported her back against it and started humping her…….slowly at first and then increasing the speed. I was pushing harder and harder. 

She was clinging to me like a leaf to a tree in thunderstorm………..moaning………...pleading……..digging her nails in my back ……….begging ……. “Aaaa….hhhh ! darling I’m coooo….ming” she cried till at last she could hold no longer and came hard……..her pussy walls tightening on my cock and…….her body shuddering in blissful gratification……,the waves of ecstasy sweeping over her…….. taking her to new heights of sensual pleasure. 

Her orgasm subsided at last and she panted and buried her face on my broad shoulders.

I lifted her away from the wall and lay her down on the carpet. I was still hard as I was yet to reach my climax so I entered her once again………..

“Are you ready for the ride again darling” I whispered.

“Oh! Aryan………… are incredible ….. just unbelievable..….take me darling…….take me any way you like…..and come inside me………..make me yours…….darling……….make me yours forever…..” she said softly.

I started humping her again………in and out……….sliding ……….pushing……..harder…..and faster……. till our bodies were moving in unison like a well oiled machinery……………clinging to each other……..trying to give maximum pleasure to the other…… till I was on the verge….

“I am there honey……I ‘m…..coming luv……aaaa…hh!” I cried.

She increased her tempo and started grinding her hips faster and faster…….her clit rubbing wildly against my cock….. till we both came together….again

I released another load of my juices in her tight pussy and she bucked under me to take every drop inside her………and at last we lay there spent………tired…….panting but satisfied. 

We lay there in each others arms just looking at each 
other…..kissing…..laughing…….and loving some more till sleep overpowered her and she slept like a baby in my arms. 

I too decided to rest a bit as I knew that we had a long night ahead…………..

Friend’s sexy wife – ultimate seduction(PART 5)

We slept peacefully together and were so tired that I did not wake up till late in the morning. As I woke up, I felt that the night had been a beautiful dream, but then I felt the soft flesh of my sexy neighbor besides me and knew that the dream was still to be over. 

She was sleeping very calmly on her side apparently very tired. I decided to admire her naked beauty in some light now. Although the blinds were drawn in my room but the light was filtering from outside and I could clearly see the naked angel lying besides me. She was lying curled up on her side facing away from me, so that her lovely back and ass was visible to my hungry eyes. 

She had the most delicate back I had ever seen and that beautiful, supple, fair ass was without a blemish. Nestled between her asscheeks I could also see her bare pussy lips peaking out as if teasing me. 

I could not resist touching them now that I could see them in full glory. As my fingers flicked her pussy lips, she turned in her sleep and settled comfortably on her back. 

For a moment I was afraid that she was going to wake up, but she was fast asleep. She had kept one arm over her eyes and the other was near the pillow. I could see her soft boobs rising and falling with each breath and for the first time I noticed that she had small pink nipples over her glorious mounds.

As my gaze shifted downwards I saw the sweet triangle of her crotch, comprising of her totally bare pussy lips with small slit in between. Her pussy seemed just like a little teenagers, completely devoid of any hair and very tight. Her legs were parted slightly with one leg bent slightly at the knee comfortably resting on the bed. 

That was a heavenly scene and I knew I would never get a chance to see it again. So, I decided to keep it permanently in my memory. I took out my digital camera from the side drawer and started taking few pictures of this lovely nude angel in her sleep. I took them from some distance using optical zoom as I did not want the flash to wake her up. 

She did not even stir during the whole photo shoot. Now I had the material to keep me busy when I would be lonely at night. By now I had a raging hard on and I did not want to waste anytime, so I immediately went for the job at hand.

I kept my camera back and climbed on the bed and went straight at her pussy.. I started licking the soft flesh slowly. It was a bit salty, probably from her sweat and juices of last night’s adventure. She started writhing, slowly at first and then started moaning softly. “mmmmmm……mmmm” she moaned “ wha…t are you upto?” she asked sleepily.

“Just testing whether u are ready for me” I replied softly

“Haven’t you had your fill darling?” she asked.

“I can never have my fill of you” I replied and continued sucking on her pussy. She also started to get horny again as her love juices started flowing and she started grinding her hips. “Now‘s the time to put my plan into action” I thought.

I got off the bed, took her up in my arms and picked her up from the bed.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked alarmed 

“You should at least start trusting me now. Remember, I protected you from the ‘demons’ last night” I said smiling playfully

I walked up to the door of my bathroom with her in my arms and pushed it open. I took her inside and gently lay her down on the padded floor. I then turned on the lights. Her eyes opened wide at the sight of my bathroom. It was probably the most luxurious bathroom she had ever seen. 

It was fitted with a beautiful circular whirlpool Jacuzzi bath on a raised platform, a personal shower compartment enclosed in frosted glass, a stylish toilet seat and world class electronic faucets( modern day terminology for taps), a vertical cabinet at one corner for clean towels and small elegantly styled cupboards on the walls, for toiletries and other items. 

It was one of my favorite places in my flat so I had spent quite a lot of money in designing and completely revamping my bathroom. I had used special towel material as padded carpets, which could soak any amount of moisture. I had even placed a small wine cooler near the Jacuzzi, so that I could enjoy my drink while I relaxed in my bath. 

There was also a small book shelf where the latest magazines and books were kept neatly.

“ Wow !” she exclaimed truly overawed by the sight. “It is the most beautiful bathroom that I have ever seen. You sure have royal tastes Aryan”

I kept admiring my lovely nude neighbor “In order to treat a princess, you have to have royal tastes” I replied.

She blushed at my comment and suddenly as if aware of her nakedness, tried vainly to cover her boobs and pussy with her hands. 

I flashed my most charming smile and said “Brush your teeth and fresh’n up till I make arrangements for the bath. You will find a new brush in the cabinet above the faucets”

“But I don’t have any clothes here. What will I wear after the bath?” she asked nervously, still trying to cover herself..

“Trust me darling, I will take care of everything” I said. “I will be gone a few minutes, just fresh’n up and I‘ll be back soon” In my mind I had a naughty plan
With that I went out of my bathroom and closed the door gently. 

I went to my drawing room and looked at the sofa and the carpet where I had enjoyed Pooja’s sexy body the previous night. It still looked like a sex scene there, with her short yellow nighty lying bunched up on the carpet and nearby her lemon green cotton panties lying carelessly. 

I picked both the garments from the floor. Her nighty had a soft and smooth texture to it ….most appropriate for her silky smooth skin. I then felt her panties with my fingers. 

They were also of a very good quality….. Soft cotton material and then there was “Snoopy” the famous cartoon character printed on the crotch. ‘ Victoria ’s secret’ the label on waistband read. 

“Lovely taste Pooja” I thought. Then I brought them near my nose and smelt. 

They still had retained that wonderful fragrance of her sweet and salty pussy juices. 

“Oh! What would I give to be in your place all the time, Snoopy” I thought.

I took both the garments to my cupboard and placed them neatly inside. I could still hear the water running in the bathroom and deduced that she must be taking her time. 

I decided to give her some more time in privacy; after all she was going to have a long day ahead.

I then went to the other bathroom in my guest room to freshen up and rehearse my plan……

After freshening up, I went straight to my bed room and on the way took some Ice from the refrigerator. I walked up to my bathroom and gently opened its door. There in front of me was one of the loveliest sight I had ever seen. 

I saw Pooja standing on one of the steps that led up to the Jacuzzi whirlpool, and trying to fiddle with the knobs of the tap, probably trying to open the faucets. She was humming slowly and bending over to reach the knobs. I could see her cute ass shaking and moving slightly and her lovely pussy was playing peek- a- boo with my eyes. 

I stood there transfixed and didn’t move for some time enjoying the scene in front of me. She obviously had not heard me opening the door. I gently moved towards her, put down the ice slowly on the shelf and stood behind her.

“Looking for something?” I asked softly.

“Ooouch! Oh my God!” She turned looking scared. “You sacred me. I nearly had a heart attack”

She saw me smiling and immediately blushed trying to cover herself.

“I haven’t taken my bath yet.” she said lowering her eyes “Why don’t you be a good boy and wait outside till I’m finished.”

“Hey! Don’t break my heart. I was planning to show you my bathroom.” I said.

“I’ve already seen it. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. Just tell me how to open this tap and then I will manage” she asked

“That’s why it’s important that I remain here. There are so many gadgets here that I do not want you getting lost.” I said innocently. 

“Just get into the Jacuzzi and it will turn on itself” I lied.

She looked curiously at the Jacuzzi. “Automatic?” She asked.. I nodded.

She quickly climbed up the steps and slowly lowered herself in the Jacuzzi tub. As she looked around expecting the water to start flowing, I was smiling to myself looking at that innocent girl. 

“It’s not working” she said.

“Let me check it out”, I said playfully and I too quickly jumped into the Jacuzzi besides her. Immediately I pressed a knob and dialed the whirlpool speed to medium. 

Instantaneously there was a gush of water from the faucets and Pooja gave a small shriek. The water started rising in the tub and I looked at her. 

“You are very wicked Aryan. You sure know how to take advantage of a girl”. She said, blushing , smiling and lowering her eyes.

“Hey! I was just helping a damsel in distress like a true gentleman.. I would never think of taking advantage of a young naked girl who happens to be my best friend’s wife.” I said mischievously.

She immediately turned pink. Her small nipples were standing proudly on her lovely boobs. She had strategically placed a hand between her legs and raised the knee of one leg to prevent me from seeing her pussy. 

She obviously wanted the tub to fill fast, so that she would be safe from my ravenous eyes.

I smiled, slowly crawled near her and took her in my arms. She reluctantly came in my arms and closed her eyes. I settled myself against one of the walls of the tub and made her sit between my legs with her back against my chest. 

She was still somewhat inhibited and couldn’t meet my eyes. I lifted her chin with my fingers; she closed her eyes gently, probably resigning to her fate. She knew that I would have my way and possibly she too was in no mood to let this dream end, so she gently parted her lips and waited for me to kiss her.

I brought my lips down upon hers and touched her rosy little lips. They were luscious and I tenderly sucked on them.

“ mmm……mmm “ she was moaning. Again our tongues met and we started kissing passionately. Our tongues were roaming freely in each others mouth and we remained lip locked for what seemed an eternity. 

I flicked a switch near the wall and a soft romantic CD started playing. Another flick of the switches and the lights dimmed and the scene was ready for another of my erotic love session with my sexy neighbor.

She was leaning on my left shoulder, slightly turned towards me. My mouth was locked on hers as if wanting to drink every ounce of nectar from her lips. With my right hand I was teasing her nipples, holding them between my fingers …pinching them slightly till they were rock hard. 

They looked so beautiful standing above her small, light pink areolas.

“Mmmmmm………..mmmm” she whimpered. I then traced my hand downwards in the water towards her pussy. 

Her legs were parted slightly and my fingers immediately found their destination. I pried open her pussy lips and reached for her clit. I rubbed on it for some time with my fingers…. flicking softly, till she was grinding her hips. 

I then decided to increase her pleasure.

I reached for the ice cubes on the shelf and took one in my fingers. Pooja’s eyes were closed, so, she did not know what I was up to. I took the ice and started rubbing it on her clit. She immediately felt the coolness and opened her eyes looking surprisingly in my eyes. 

As our lips were locked, she could not speak any thing. I calmed her with my eyes and continued kissing her ever so deeply. She relaxed and started enjoying the pampering. I rubbed the ice on her clit till the ice cube melted. I then took another one and slowly reached for her pussy hole. With my index finger I tried to enter her vaginal opening. 

It was very tight and after some finger action I was able to insert my index finger in her. I then released the ice from my palm to my fingers and tried to insert it in her pussy hole. 

“Aaaaaa…..hhhh!” She cried out in pleasure.

With her right hand she caught hold of my cock which was also fully awake by now, and started massaging it gently. 

Meanwhile I dived below to take her nipple in my mouth. I wanted to eat every part of her ……..and drink every drop of juice that her body had to offer……..

I suddenly stood up and exited the bath, jumped down the steps and took out a chilled bottle of Krug 1996 vintage Champagne from the wine cooler and entered the bath again. 

Krug 1996 is unique in the sense that it is an eccentric champagne that first caresses the senses with its rich aroma, firm texture and full, ripe flavors, then dramatically explodes into jubilant freshness, rich, radiant gold illuminated by slender streams of bubbles. 

I had saved it for my birthday bash, but what could be a better occasion to enjoy it, than now, ……in the most sensuous company of my lovely neighbor. She looked at me with that innocent naughty expression. 

I kept the bottle by the side of the tub and gave her my hand indicating her to get up. She took my hand and slowly stood up in the Jacuzzi tub, holding me to keep a firm footing.

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