Incest Happens In Bangalore

Hello readers, this is Shravan   from Bengaluru. The following story is completely a fiction and is about Love between mom and son, which are staged in rural Bengaluru of Karnataka. I hope you will like it and please do send your feedbacks to

My dad was retired, but he dedicated his leisure time in Kannada Literature. So whenever there was any cultural meet in Karnataka, my dad used to be there. My mom, Malathi was a typical South Indian woman. She used to wear only sari, occasionally nighties at home. I and Mom were close, and we used to hangout a lot. I used to take her out for movies and restaurants. 
We were best friends and I used to share everything with my mom. Mom had an average body and looked great in saris. Eventhough she was my mom, I was sexually attracted to her. At first I was feeling guilty, but soon the lust took over and I loved fantasizing about her and loved to be around her. I was greatly attracted to her ass, as they were huge and fleshy. 
I had fantasized a lot about banging that ass with my cock and had masturbated numerous numbers of times with the fantasy of me and mom on bed. My life changing incident happened when I and mom were alone at home and my dad had gone to attend the   Kannada Sahitya Sammelana function at Gangavathi, North Karnataka. My dad was away for 5 days.
I returned home from work, the evening my dad left. My mom welcomed me with a big smile. We had a great talk and then we went out for a walk. She was wearing a pink colored designer sari and was looking sexy. I was stealing glances at her, looking at her breasts and tight ass. It was great evening. We had dinner outside and reached home at around 10.15 pm I went into my room after saying Good night to my mom.
Once on bed, my thoughts drifted to my mom. Her beautiful body filled my thoughts and soon my cock slowly started stiffening. I removed my clothes and lied naked and my hands went towards my cock. I held it in my hands and started to shake my mom while thinking about my mom. I was so engrossed in my acts and I uttered "Amma, I want to fuck you. Hearing these words aloud from my own mouth I suddenly felt rush of adrenaline all over my body.
Ammma, evattu chance kodu (Mom, give me a chance today) now I was getting fully excited and shouted Amma, I am going to fuck you in your cunt and mouth! Now I was fully excited. The thought of saying these   words for my own mother gave me shivers. The thought of fucking my own mother's cunt was driving me nuts. I had not felt this much excitement ever in my life. 
My cock was tight up to the full limit. I wanted to take full advantage of this loneliness and talked to myself about the beauty of my mother's breasts and ass. Hardly five minutes had passed and I heard a sound of my room’s door opening slightly and I saw the figure of my mother looking towards me. I hurriedly covered myself. Mom entered the room. She came and sat beside me. 
I presumed mom might have seen what I was doing and also listened to my loud words of excitement. Out of guilt I was not able to look at her. Mom turned towards me and said Shravan, ninu tumba bevartidiya.Yenaytu? (Shravan, you are sweating a lot, what happened) Saying this she came near me and with her loose end of sari she cleaned my face full of sweat. Shravan, I have to talk about an important matter.
I asked her and what is it Mom? Son I am aware of what you were doing right now. I have seen you do it several times. I know this is normal with you youngsters but thinking about your own mom in such a way is not good I was shell shocked. I didn’t know what to say. My lips went dry. I just looked down to the floor in shame and said I am Sorry Mom. It’s just that I love you more than anything and I am attracted to you physically. 
You are lovely and I can’t get rid of these thoughts. I am madly in love with you mom. Please forgive me and my eyes were filled with tears and Mom too had tears in her eyes. Mom lifted my face and looked in my eyes and said, "I know you love me a lot. I love you too son. I know how much you care for me and son, your happiness is my happiness .I will always be with you." I looked at her and said, "Mom you are so cute.
I pulled her towards me and kissed her in her forehead. Mom's face was suddenly flushed with red tint of embarrassment but she said "Son, you are handsome and I love you too. I was intoxicated by the exotic fragrance of her sweat and the soft heat of her body. Oh, Amma, I love you I moaned and hugged her. I Love you, too, she whispered, hugging me even tighter. You'll never be alone," I groaned, "because, I'll always be here for you. 
Oh, My Son, I love you very, very much, she melted, turning and kissing my cheek. Feeling her hot, wet lips on my cheek, I turned my head and suddenly our lips touched. Sparks flew as uncontrollable passion consumed me. My eyes closed, I crushed my mouth down onto hers as my tongue snaked into her mouth. For a split second, she recoiled back away from me as time seemed to stop.
Then, with a whimper, she crushed her mouth against me as her tongue fought its way into my mouth. Our arms tightened around each other, squeezing and pulling together as we kissed long and deeply. Crushed against each other, we sought to become one as our mouths slavered against each other. I felt her hot, digging tongue digging and probing my mouth hungrily as her long, sharp fingernails dug into my back. 
Oh, Amma," I gasped as our lips broke and our bodies momentarily parted. Then an explosion of adrenaline tore through my brain as I felt my mother's hand find my hot, jutting maleness under bed sheet. "Mmm," she groaned as I quickly covered her hot, sucking mouth with my lips again. My heart was pounding so hard, it felt like it would burst out of my chest any second. Still we kissed, deeply and voraciously wining with desire.
I laid her down on the bed and removed the sari from the top of her. I hold her left breast over the blouse and squeezed it hard. I slowly removed the hooks of her blouse and the most amazing sight was in front of me. I was mesmerized I caressed her breast and lightly pinched her nipple. They were rock hard like little pebbles. They were beautiful. I then unclasped the sari fold near her navel and slid down her sari. 
She was far better looking than all of the women her age and younger that I had been looking. I admire her voluptuous body. At the same time I could see that she was admiring my body and my penis, which was now fully erect. I kissed and sucked on her neck for a minute, and then dropped back down to her breasts.  
I landed a big kiss on her left nipple and then started to suck on it. I sucked on it I licked it with my tongue, first in slow circular patterns, and then in fast flicks. Then I switched to her other breast. I lightly bit her nipple and then proceeded to suck on it. As I did that I pinched her other nipple with my hand and caressed her breast lightly as I continued to make small circles around her nipple with my tongue.
I could hear her breathing deepening I looked up and saw that she had her eyes closed and her head was tilting back as I stopped my mother opened her eyes and pulled me towards her and kissed me wild. I felt my mother's hot, soft hand squeeze my cock. My excitement was so great I had never known such delight in my whole life. Then we had to break for air again ayyo Devare! Oooh, my! 
I heard my mother groan as her hand explored the thick, swollen hardness of my penis. It's so big, she whispered running her hand up and down the length of my manhood. Now my mother was touching the very monster she had had a part in creating. Then I undo the fold of her skirt and remove it under her legs. She willfully opened her long, beautifully shaped legs and spread them wider and wider. 
Another shot of adrenaline poured through my body as my cock lurched and throbbed with heinous excitement. My mother was opening the gate of her soul to me. Wider and wider, her soft, firm thighs opened. That gave me the best view I had ever had of her cunt. She had a thick mound of pubic hair that thinned out nicely around her cunt. As I got really close to her cunt I could feel that the hair was softer around her cunt.
It was mine to have every nerve in my body was tingling with a depraved need for release that could only be satisfied in one way at last my mother lay before me open completely. Then she reached up for me make me a woman again," she groaned, thrusting herself up against me, "make me forget your father forever. The last words she said inflamed me. She wanted me to replace my father. 
I had never felt such power; such passion; such excitement.  My mother wanted me to fuck her. I was really excited hearing her words. I thrust my hips forward causing my cock to wedge itself between her closed thighs. She gasped then spread her legs wide offering herself to me. I pushed further ahead and felt her warm wet folds begin to open up to the onslaught.
She gasped again. Then in one quick upwards thrust I entered her. My cock slid in to her like a hot knife through butter. As soon as I was deep inside her aching cunt, she let out a loud low moan then whispered. Fuck me son, fuck your mom. Those words thrilled me like never before. I reached down, grabbed her ass cheeks and began slamming my cock in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could.
Shravan mellan, avasara padbeda (slow down boy, don’t be in hurry ) she grunted Let us Enjoy. Here, let me. She rolled me off of her then squatted over me then looking me straight in the eyes, she took my cock in her hand and guided it into her cunt. The look of passion and excitement on her face was so over whelming. I thrust my hips up and my cock slid deeply inside her, totally engulfed. 
She began to move in a slow pace. Each motion was accented by her pelvic clenching that blew my mind. It was as if her cunt didn't want me to leave her empty. I reached up to caress her lovely breasts. Ammana moleyannu ottu"(“Oh yes baby, squeeze those tits mmmmmmm
She sensed I was close to Cumming and she sped up the action. Her clit was bumping against my pubic bone she shifted slightly for a bit more direct contact, to speed up her own impending orgasm. Her loud moans caused me to pound into her faster. Then in her sexy voice she almost yelled. Yes baby, fuck me, please Shravan, fuck me, I am cumming."
That's right baby, come on, fuck me harder. Make Mom cum ooooh baby, please keep going, and fuck me faster. I could feel her cunt walls tighten around my cock even tighter. She wouldn't quit. One more powerful thrust and I started spewing my cum into her. She reached around and squeezed my balls as if to try and force more of my sperm into her cunt.
We were grunting, crying and moaning in our mutual orgasms when it was all over she flopped over on top of me with my cock still buried in her cunt. She was breathing hard and crying softly. Mom, have I hurt you? I asked hoping that I hadn't ruined our lives. No honey, you have just made me so very happy looked up into her face and saw that oh so wonderful smile and I knew every   thing was perfect and our life has changed for good.  I hope you liked my fantasy story; I will wait for any feedback to my email id.Thank you all.
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