Best Sex With The Patient

By : Anahitagarwal 

Hi, this is Anahita again, and you must have read about my trysts with the basketball team and my brother-in-law. Now, I will be telling you about how I got a patient of mine to fuck me. I was then posted in Skin and STD department, during my internship about a year back. Being in that department, I was seeing a lot of cases of fungal infections, and few patients with ulcers on their penis. 

As our department had only female staffs, I, being the junior most was always told to see these cases, as the senior staffs didn't want to see them. Being posted in a Govt Hospital meant that there were plenty of such cases, and most of them belonging to lower class of populations. Many of these patients used to eagerly drop their pants/lungi to show their disgusting hairy cocks, which I had to bend down and examine with my gloved hands. 

I used to see the cocks grow in front of me, and the smell used to disgust me even more. In spite of all this, I was forced to do the job, and I was waiting for my posting to end. However, I indeed got lucky on a Sunday. I used to be the only doctor in the clinic, as there were hardly 2 or 3 patients visiting on Sundays. I was wearing a salwaar kameez for the clinic. It being a summer day, I had put aside my dupatta and white apron to get some fresh air. 

It was almost 1pm, the closing time, where this young boy of about 20 walked in. He had a lean built, but there was something about his face that attracted me a lot. He complained of the usual itch in his groin. I took him to the examining room, and asked him to show me where it itches him. 

With some hesitation he pulled his undies down, and I enjoyed the scene so much, that while wearing the latex gloves, I overstretched it. It was torn, and there was no other glove left in the stock. 

I had to go ahead and examine him with my bare hands. I took his penis in my hands, and told him that he's got a bad fungal infection. I prescribed him drugs for a week, and asked him to review next Sunday same time.  Next week, I came to the clinic in a loose T-shirt, and a skirt. It was a similar lazy Sunday afternoon, and just before 1pm, 

I started putting my make-up expecting him to show up. It was 1:30pm and there was no sign of the guy. Disappointed, I locked the clinic, and headed to the doctor's room to collect my belongings, when I heard footsteps of someone approaching, and I knew it was him. I took him to the Doctor's room for examination. I knew that this is my only chance to get this guy do something with me. 

He was standing right in front of me, when I bent down, giving him a deep view of my cleavage over the loose T-shirt. I saw him getting and erection inside his pants, and without seeking his permission, I unzipped his fly, and pulled his pants and undies down, exposing his erect cock. 

I took it in my hand, and after a look, I told him, "No sign of infection now." He was staring at my cleavage, and he was caught in the act as I spoke to him. Embarrassed, he tried to cover it saying, 

Nice necklace doctor, it suits you." Next moment, I was licking his cock, taking soft bites of his sac. He was enjoying the moment holding my hair tight behind my head. I was sucking him hard now, pushing the 6 inch tool as much as possible, and now it was pulsating in my mouth, with little drops of pre-cum trickling inside. He took his t-shirt off and was now completely naked in front of me, getting his cock sucked. 

As I finished the blowjob, he picked me up placing me on the wooden desk, and took my t-shirt off. He slowly made me lie flat on the table, as he bent down kissing my cleavage and then my bellybutton, getting hold of my skirt and pulling it down. There I lay in front of him in my sexiest black lingerie ready to be devoured. He started sucking my toes, and a strange sensation was travelling through my body. 

I have never had this experience, and I knew I was in the hands of a pro. Gradually he moved up kissing my leg, and then the thighs, putting his hand in my panties, playing with my clean shaved pussy. He kept on licking my thighs, and I desperately wanted his tongue in my pussy. 

I slid my panties down to the knees as he was working on the toes of my other foot. Spreading my thighs apart, I was welcoming him to suck my already wet cunt. 

Without delaying any further, he started slowly licking the edges of my pussy, and I was rubbing my clitoris. He then pushed his finger inside my pussy, and was moving it very rapidly. I was moaning now, and told him that I am about to have an orgasm. 

He got even faster, and for the first time ever, I squirted. It was such a heavenly experience, and he was licking my squirt off his face with his fingers. He laid down on me, and I licked his face clean. 

He now took my bra off too, and at the same time pushed his penis inside me. I was moaning loud, and in order to stop me from being too loud, he was kissing me. He started moving and our naked body rubbed each others' as he was fucking me. I was squeezing his butts. 

He put his hands under me, and with the cock still inside, he picked me up and I was jumping up and down in his arms while he was biting off my tits. 

I had to bite my lips to stay quiet. He continued to fuck me in various positions, and when he was about to cum, made me sit on the floor, and started jerking as I waited for him to shoot his load inside me. I was covered in his cum soon, and then, I licked his cock clean after I swallowed his load. Without delaying any further, we dressed up again, and kissed goodbye. 
Has reading this story made you horny?
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